2 People Yoga Poses to Improve Your Relationship

2 People Yoga Poses – Yoga, when done alone, allows you to be immersed in a deep meditative and relaxing phase in which you will experience physical, mental and spiritual improvement. If you do it with a partner and perform 2-people yoga poses, you will get an added benefit because yoga will also improve your relationship. Therefore, whether you do it with a friend or a partner, you will certainly love the amazing positive effect that yoga gives to your relationship.

Here we will show you a number of 2-people yoga poses that you can practice with your partner. There are basic poses that beginner yoga performers can do with ease and there are also acrobatic yoga or acroyoga poses that are suitable for advanced performers who wish to explore the furthest extent of yoga realm. The following 2-people yoga poses are arranged incrementally based on their level of difficulty. The easiest poses are useful not only for beginners who have just started practicing yoga, but also for more advanced performers for warming up purpose.

2 People Yoga Poses

Breathing pose, the easiest of all 2-people yoga poses

The first of the six yoga steps prescribed by the Maitrayaniya Upanishad is breathing control or pranayama. For this reason, whether you do yoga alone or with a partner, it is recommended that you start with breathing pose. This pose is the easiest to do as you and your partner only need to sit upright with your legs crossed and ankles on shins. Put your hands on your knees with palms facing upward and let your back rest against your partner’s back. Breathe slowly and normally while feeling your partner’s subtle body movement driven by their breathing. Do this for a while until both you and your partner feel relaxed and then when your breathing is synchronized with theirs, practice alternate breathing whereby you inhale air when your partner releases it and vice versa.

Twisting pose, the next phase of 2-people yoga poses

Stay in your seated breathing pose (sukhasana) and begin to raise your right hand overhead while inhaling air. Afterwards, lower your right hand to the direction of your partner’s left knee and make a circular movement until your right palm touches your partner’s left knee. Do this while exhaling air and while your partner performs the same movement synchronously. Raise your right hand overhead while inhaling and then return to the initial position while exhaling. Do similar movement with your left hand.

2 People Yoga Poses

Double downward facing dog pose

This is one of the easiest acrobatic 2-people yoga poses to do. You start with adho mukha svanasana or downward facing dog pose whereby you face downward and put your palms and feet on the floor with your body forming right angle on the hip. Your partner perform the same pose, except that their feet are rested on your raised hip and their palms touch the floor.

Front Bird Pose

Front bird pose is considered the most basic of all advanced acrobatic poses that you can do with your partner. This pose requires you, as a base, to lie on floor with your legs stretched upward, forming right angle with the floor. Your partner, acting as a flyer, then rests their abs on your raised feet while performing locust pose. Practice with this pose and you and your partner should be able to perform other more advanced 2-people yoga poses. wikipedia