2 Person Yoga Poses for You to Try

2 Person Yoga Poses – Yoga may be widely considered as the epitome of mindfulness in relaxing motion, but if there is something that 2 Person Yoga Poses can tell you, it does not mean yoga cannot be fun! Yes, yoga is fund. But you, too, can double the fun by practicing with your loved one of your close friend.

It does not matter if you and your partner is a beginner or have been practicing yoga for some time, we have four poses that will definitely spice up your workout session. Get yourself ready and grab your yoga partner, give both of our easy and intermediate 2 Person Yoga Poses a try. Trust us, you will have more fun you won’t realize you have been working out twice as hard and burn twice as many calories!

2 Person Yoga Poses

Easy 2 Person Yoga Poses

  1. Seated spinal twists partner pose

Let’s get started by sitting back-to-back in sukasana form. Both your partner and you will sit on the floor with the shins crossed, then widen the knees to fold each foot right beneath the opposing knee. Now scoot closer so your sit-bones are touching each other and the upper back pressed into one another.

Slowly you may place one of your hands on your yoga-partner’s knee and your other hand right towards the twisted knee, and your partner does the same to the opposite direction. Lengthen the spine as you and your partner take a deep breath. Hold for 5 breaths, change the direction.

  1. Double boat partner pose

Tell your partner to sit the opposite of you and maintain half-leg distance. On the outside of your and your partner’s legs, grasp each other’s hands and bend the knees to place your and your partner’s soles together.

When ready, work together to find balance and slowly straighten the legs. Once the legs are fully straightened in full boat pose, you and your partner must engage abs and draw the low-backs in for 5 breaths.

2 Person Yoga Poses

Intermediate 2 Person Yoga Poses

  1. Partner Warrior 3 Pose

Parallel the grounded feet in the opposite directions, one of you must begin by slowly transitioning the torso foward into a full Warrior 3 pose. Once stable, the other may do the transition. After both are in Warrior 3 pose, wrap your arm towards your partner’s inner thigh and grasp their calf, as your partner does the same. Maintain balance and hold it for 5 breaths.

  1. Flying Partner Warrior Pose

This pose requires a lot of strength so beginners are advised to avoid. Begin by determining which one is the base and which one to fly, then base-partner starts by lying down on their back with fully-bent knees and feet towards the ceiling.

Flyer begins by standing in front of the base-partner and placing their stomach on to the partner’s soles and clasping their hands together. After flyer finds the right spot on their abdominal area, base-partner may slowly straighten their legs and lift the flyer. Once lifted, both flyer and base-partner must engage their quads and abs. Soar and hold for 5 breaths. So which one of these 2 Person Yoga Poses you would like to try first?

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