Airplane Yoga Poses: Great Yoga Ideas to Do on a Long Flight

Airplane Yoga Pose – Travelling on airplane can be very tiring. Sitting for hours during the flight is boring and often causes some health problems such as sore muscles, stiff neck, and even cramping. In order to reduce the problems that are mostly caused by long flight, you can try airplane yoga poses.

Airplane yoga is the yoga poses you can do while you are on airplane. Airplane yoga poses are easy to do and absolutely beneficial.

The Benefits of Doing Airplane Yoga Poses

Whether you are on land or flying on airplane, doing yoga can give you a lot of benefits. You can apply them on your next flight and feel their good effects in your body and mind. Here are some advantages you can get from yoga.

  1. Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

One of the most common reasons that makes people reluctant to do long flight is that it is less comfortable. Most of times, you have to sit down in the same position for hours during the flight. It makes you have bigger possibility to suffer from deep vein thrombosis. It is a condition in which your blood coagulates because of the seated position you do. Yoga poses will help you to break the coagulation and make your blood flows well.

Airplane Yoga Pose

  1. Calming Your Mind

The best thing you can get by doing yoga during your long flight is that you can help yourself to calm your mind. The yoga poses will help you avoid stress and boring caused by the long flight. If you are afraid of flying, the airplane yoga can also help you reduce anxiety so you will be comfortable and feel safe during the flight.

  1. Reminding You to Move Your Body

It is often time when people are so reluctant to move their body during the flight. Yoga is the best way you can try to remind yourself to keep moving your body and release stresses.

Simple Airplane Yoga Poses You Should Try

Here are some simple and easy airplane yoga poses you can try. Not only on airplane, you can also do them while waiting your flight departure in airport.

Airplane Yoga Pose

  1. Seated Spinal Rolls

It is one of the easiest airplane yoga poses. In doing this yoga pose, you can start it with rolling forward on hips. You have to let your chest to puff off while doing it. After that, you can roll back on the pelvis and move your spine forward and then back.

  1. Simple Seated Twist

This yoga pose involves the move of spine, chest, and shoulders. The first thing to do is sit up tall. You have to hold the chairs’ sides while doing the pose. Then you should move your torso to the right and left. This yoga pose is very useful to avoid constipation during the flight.

  1. Thigh Lifts

In doing this pose you can imagine yourself lift your thighs up straightly as high as possible. Make sure that you keep your back straight while doing it. To help you doing the right thigh lifts pose you have to pull your belly button back in your seat. It is one of the best airplane yoga poses to make the blood in your legs circulates well. wikipedia

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