Cool down Yoga Poses

Cool down Yoga Poses is an appropriate movement for the summer. Summer is fun because you can get warmth from the sunlight but the current summer can make you feel anxious. This is a tremendous heat due to the greenhouse effect. You will always sweat all day long. Your eyes will feel burning from the heat of your environment. Your throat will become dry. Maybe everyone wants to jump into the pool to make the body cool. Another solution to cool your body is Yoga. Yoga can reduce your body temperature by natural techniques. Metabolic activity in your body will produce thermal energy. This makes your body hot. Excessive heat is because you do not drink water in the right amount. Your body will experience improvement and become uncomfortable. This should be handled properly. There are several Yoga poses that can lower your body temperature. You can do daily Yoga exercises with modifications to suit what you want.

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Cool Down Yoga Poses

Cool Down Yoga Poses: Tadasana

This is a mountain pose. This is the most basic pose of all other movements. This pose can be done every time and you do not need to do this pose on an empty stomach condition. This is the pose for the ground level. You must pose and be silent within 10 to 12 seconds. The time can be adjusted to your convenience. This pose can align your mind and body. This pose can reduce your depression and your stupidity. This is the energy that can make your body fresh. Cool down Yoga Poses will keep your body breathing and improve blood circulation.

Cool Down Yoga Poses: Baddha Konasana

This pose is called the Butterfly Pose. This is because the movement represents the butterflies flying in the sky. This pose looks simple and you will get great benefits by doing this pose. This step will benefit the brain and your body. You should pose in the afternoon or morning for 10 to 12 minutes. You should make sure that you take a four-hour break from the last meal to do this pose. This pose can provide stimulation of the heart so that your heart can pump blood smoothly. This pose can reduce fatigue and anxiety. This pose can heal stress and eliminate fatigue caused by physical activity.

Cool Down Yoga Poses


This is Crescent Pose. This is a pose used by Hanuman. Hanuman is a white ape that comes from a famous story. The story is Ramayana. This movement is also known as Half Moon Pose because the shape of this movement looks unique. You should do this pose in the morning with an empty stomach condition. This pose should last for 10 to 15 seconds. This movement can make your mental focus. This movement can open your shoulders, chest, and lungs so your body becomes balanced. You can concentrate well because this movement can raise your awareness well. This movement will improve the performance of your digestive system. The system throughout your body will get good energy. That’s the explanation of Cool down Yoga Poses.

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