Crazy Yoga Poses: Are They Dangerous?

Crazy Yoga Poses – Contemporary yoga has been widely practiced since the early of the 20th century. Along with yoga’s popularity, the yoga poses also grow into more various styles, even into the extreme ones. More people tend to do crazy yoga poses now. Some people do them for fun only but some do them because they love doing those extreme poses. Well, are crazy yoga poses dangerous? What can we do to avoid the injuries caused by them?

Crazy Yoga Poses

The Danger of Doing Crazy Yoga Poses

There are some risks you might get if you do crazy yoga poses. One of them is the degenerative arthritis of the cervical spine. It is the damage caused by inversion poses like headstands and handstands. The poses also can make your eyes produce retinal tears all the time. It happens because the inversion poses can increase the pressure on your eyes. The other health risk you might suffer because of the extreme poses is the nerve damage. It is the most common risk people often get when doing yoga. For example is the nerve damage caused by vajrasana, the yoga kneeling position. Doing vajrasana for a long time can cause yoga foot drop. It is an illness in which the nerves in your legs get damaged and make them weak.

How to Avoid Injuries Because of Crazy Yoga Poses

The injuries caused by yoga poses can be very fatal sometimes. Either they are the heavy or the light ones, the injuries can grow into more serious problem if you do not know how to treat them. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t avoid them. Here are some ways you can do to avoid fatal injuries caused by your crazy yoga poses.

Crazy Yoga Poses

1.             Stretch the Tight Area Gently

Just remember to do stretching anytime you want to start yoga pose. Stretching is also the first thing you can do to reduce the pain caused by the injury. It will help you to warm your body. The stretching you do will relax your tight muscles. In doing stretching, make sure that you do it smoothly, slowly, and mindfully to get maximum result. Avoid sudden moves of stretching or push too hard since it will cause more pain to the injured muscles and make it worse.

2.             Practice Yoga Regularly

You need to practice yoga regularly to avoid any injuries. It will be very helpful, especially if you are a beginner. The regular practice you do can make your muscles get used to with the yoga poses. It is important to avoid injury.

3.             Use Props

The using of props such as straps, blankets, yoga blocks, wall, or even chair can be very helpful. They can support your body when you are doing yoga poses. The props will work well for yoga newbies or if you are just recovered from injuries.

4.             See Doctor to Get Professional Help

Some injuries caused by crazy yoga poses can’t be treated without medical help. Just see your doctor to get professional help if your injuries do not get better after you do all the tips above.

Intermediate Yoga Poses: When Can You Go to the Intermediate Level?

Yoga has some rules. You can’t just do the yoga poses without any knowledge about them. There are also certain levels you have to be in. They are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can’t just go to the next level if you do not pass the previous one. This article will talk more about the intermediate yoga poses. So, how do you know whether you are ready or not to go the intermediate level of yoga? Just read the article to get to know more about the clues.