4 Heart Opening Yoga Poses for Your Routine

Heart Opening Yoga Poses – Heart openers can expand your rib cage and chest as well, make them become more free and receptive. So, heart opening yoga poses bring you many benefits that you can add in your base routine. Open your hearts poses also can telegraph your confidence and authority as well. you might spend many hours in work day, bent toward your keyboard which also lead back pain or spine rounded as well. This is important to treat this posture by using heart opener poses. There are many though not all of poses are backbends. When you are back bending, especially perform heart opening purpose, focus on engaged upper and middle of spine which were often overlooked because low back prefer to be flexible.

Heart Opening Yoga Poses

There are several Heart Opening Yoga Poses bellow in order of difficulty, especially for beginner. These poses were aimed to maximize your hear opening potential in every pose.

Restorative Heart Opening Pose

If you have property like blanket or bolster then you can use this pose as the great start for your exploration. You can place a prop so it will support your back from the ground while you are lying down on it as well. Your legs should be placed in any position that you want, such as: knees bent, outstretched, goddess pose, etc. You can add other props to support your head as well. You should stay in this position during several minutes when your back getting melting over these props. If you do not have any yoga props, you can use many items around your house.

Cat Cow Stretch Pose

You can use this pose as your routine exercise, then you will take the benefits that you can really feel the difference in your flexion and spinal extension. You should draw your heart deeper inside your chest in the flexion or car position, you can extend this pose in cow position which also known as heart opening pose. You can feel the string flowing through your chest and extend passing your back into the ceiling.

The Sphinx Pose

Sphinx is a good place to learn draws your chest through your shoulder. So, this pose is so useful in other poses and a great way for Heart Opening Yoga Poses as well. You can push strongly your forearms to expand your spine, give a space for your chest to move forward. Then you are able to roll up your shoulders toward your back and part away from ears. Then you are able to draw your hand isometrically without you need to move your chest.

Spinal Twist Pose

This twist pose offers you with great chance to extend your part of front chest. For heart opening purpose, you should focus to keep your shoulders in the ground as much as you can. This thing can make your knees part away from the floor.

Heart Opening Yoga Poses

You can try those Heart Opening Yoga Poses in your daily routine to get many benefits, such as: having strengthen your spine and keep your back stay in the right line. wikipedia.org.