How Long Do You Hold Yoga Poses for the Best Result?

How Long Do You Hold Yoga Poses – Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises in this era. Many people love doing yoga because it is not only good for your physical aspect, but it is also good for the psychological aspect. Yoga is originated from ancient India. It is a practice or discipline that combines physical, mental, and spiritual aspect. In Yoga, there are several poses that should be done perfectly. Each pose has its characteristic and purposes. Mostly, they aim to gain strength and flexibility. Besides doing the yoga poses perfectly, the duration for each yoga pose is also important part that should be considered. How long do you hold yoga poses? We are going to try to answer that question.

How Long Do You Hold Yoga Poses

The Benefit of Holding Yoga Poses

How long do you hold yoga poses? In order to answer that question, firstly, you need to know why holding yoga poses is one of important factors in Yoga. When you hold yoga poses for some times, it will help you build strength and stamina. It is because your muscle will work harder to hold the position. Holding yoga poses will improve your body flexibility. It is because each yoga pose requires you to stretch some parts of your body. The stretch will loosen up the tight muscle and lead to greater flexibility. Holding Yoga poses will also improve your psychological aspects. It will challenge your patience to hold the poses for some times. It will let you focus on each pose and yourself. So it will make your mind relax from problem in your life.

How Long Do You Hold Yoga Poses

Factor That Determine How Long You Hold Yoga Poses

In answering a question of how long you hold yoga poses, there are some factors that will influence the duration that you can take to hold yoga poses. The first factors is you physical fitness. Commonly, physical fitness is also influenced by your age and medical condition. When you have good physical fitness, you might be able to hold yoga poses longer than the others that don’t have good physical fitness. It is because your body and muscle will work harder to hold the pose. In holding yoga poses, you cannot push yourself too hard, because it will lead you to serious injuries. That is why it is important to know your physical condition before doing Yoga. The second factor is the yoga poses. Some Yoga poses might simple enough, so you can hold them longer. However, there are some poses that quite complicated and influence the duration in holding the poses

How Long Do You Hold Yoga Poses?

Then, how long do you hold yoga poses? Actually, there is no exact duration of time. It completely depends on you. Commonly, the duration will increase along with your experience. For the first time, you might only be able to hold each poses for only few seconds. But by the time, you can hold each poses for some minutes. You just need to keep practicing.

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