3 Types of Sacral Chakra Yoga Poses

Sacral Chakra Yoga Poses – There are so many kinds of yoga poses. They are from the basic poses to complicated poses are done. Most of the yoga poses give the extra energy, calm, and even stamina into your body. Sacral Chakra yoga poses is one of the examples. This kind of yoga poses focuses on the lower abdomen and hips. Most of this yoga poses are aimed to be done at the opening and even to move the energy of those areas. The movement and poses of Sacra Chakra are flowing like the water.

Sacral Chakra Yoga Poses

Benefits of Sacral Chakra yoga poses

There are various kinds of benefits that people get from doing Sacral Chakra yoga poses. First, people can use this pose to remove the blockages from your chakra area. So, there is no more blockages and it can increase the energy flow to the center of your body. The energy can flow freely after you do this kind of yoga pose. Second, it can influence our emotion too. By doing this yoga pose, people can throw and balance the emotional energy. It can change your bad feeling into the positive one and it can help you to express your emotion freely. Third, it can help you to stimulate the organ of the abdominal and also make the spine stronger.

Sacral Chakra Yoga Poses

Types of Sacral Chakra yoga poses

1.             Balasana (child’s pose)

This is a kind of Sacral Chakra yoga poses which is really influenced into your breathing and your belly. It can help you to be in touch on the body’s movement and the breathing. How is the pose? First, people need to kneel on the floor or yoga mat. Then, give space between your legs and you can sit down on your heels. You need to slowly exhale and move your body forward and fold your body on the lower half. Put your tailbone forward on the mat and then let the forehead get in touch with the mat. Then, people can put the arms back or still put the arms in front of the body and then palm resting on your mat. Next, you need to feel the breath on the belly and chest.

2.             Trikonasana (twisting triangle)

People will do twisting movements on this poses. It can be used to move the energy into the area of sacral chakra. People need to stand and do back straight, relax the arms on side and move behind your left leg. Raise your arms, the left arm touch the floor and the right arm touch the back. Do and repeat this movement to get more energy inside your chakra organ.

3.             Natarajasana (dancer’s pose)

People need to stand and do an inhale. Put all your weight and focus on your right foot. Then, take the left foot toward the buttock. Left hand is used to hold the foot. Then, right hand should raise towards. People can feel the energy flow and move into the pelvic area. It is a kind Sacral Chakra yoga poses for balancing and increase the concentration. wikipedia.org