Two People Yoga Poses You Can Try with Your Partner

Some people would rather workout alone, but a number of people would prefer otherwise, more so when the topic about Two People Yoga Poses sequence comes up. While those who prefer working out alone do so because it enables them to concentrate, many of those who prefer working out with a partner also do so for similar reason.

They find it easier to learn, with a partner next to them to keep them motivated, they have no other choice than to soldier on. If you’re someone who must work out with a partner, you’ll be glad to find this article because we have Two People Yoga Poses for you and your partner to try.

Two People Yoga Poses

Two People Yoga Poses for beginners

If you and your partner are considered a beginner, you may start by doing these movements. It’s not too complex, but still challenging and fun.

  • Tree Partner Pose

Stand next to each other and raise one foot. Have it folded to the side, practically resting on your opposite thigh. balance on one leg with your opposite leg rested on your thigh. Balance on one leg by touching your partner’s palm and wrap one of your hands around their waist.

  • Partner Forward Bend

Now stand back-to-back with your partner, legs must be shoulder-width apart. You and your partner will then start bending forward while keeping the legs straight. Once in forward-bend position, reach for your partner’s arm from the outside of legs, deepen the bend by try to reach your partner’s shoulder. Hold for 5 breaths.

  • Partner Seated-Forward Bend

Sit in front of your partner with legs outstretched, straight and flat on the floor then place your feet next to their ankles and clasp your hands right around your partner’s elbows or forearms. Pull each other’s arms alternately to deepen the stretch.

Two People Yoga Poses

Advanced Two People Yoga Poses: the Flying Bow

Start by deciding on who becomes the base (yogi in the bottom position) and the flyer (yogi in the top position). If you are a beginner and would like to try this pose sequence, do it with an instructor or a spotter as it may be incredibly difficult to get the cues.

The bottom partner will start by lying flat on a yoga mat and bend their knees while the flyer will take the position by the bottom’s hips. The bottom partner will then lower their knees, remember to keep it close to the ribs but never directly on the chest as it will be much more difficult to lift the flyer from such position.

Flyer will then sit on the bottom’s soles and hold onto the ankles for support if needed. When ready, the bottom partner may start lifting the flyer by straightening their legs up directly towards the sky until their feet are over the hips. Once both feel more stable, flyer may let go of the bottom partner’s ankle and slowly reach for the flyer’s own ankles and stretch. Engage both abs and quads, and hold the position.

This sequence may seem difficult, but with the right cues and by engaging the right muscles it’s actually one of the most exciting Two People Yoga Poses. wikipedia