Should You Try Two Person Yoga Poses?

The purpose of partner is to expand and deeper your yoga practice, of course, this is one of many ways that you can try. Other ideas, when you want having closer or more intimacy relationship with someone, you are also able to try two person yoga poses which enhance both of intimacy and communication as well. Your muscle can be more relax and stretching when your partner’s resistance will help your body parts getting into the pose. Because of your partner’s help, then you are able to try new pose and find deeper pose expression as well. You can challenge yourself in emotionally and physically by placing your body in your partner’s hand. You can work in a team together to get bounding and test your ability of trust as well.

Two Person Yoga Poses

So, here 4 two person yoga poses that you can try:

Double Downward Dog

  • You can start in the downward dog position by in front each other.
  • Then you can walk feet and back until you can walk with your feet toward the lower back of your partner. You should find his or her hips and come to comfort and steady position.
  • You can keep talking when you are moving to the pose.
  • Then you can wait around five to seven of breath time. You are able to ask your partner to lower his hips toward the tabletop. Then you can perform child’s pose when you release your feet to the floor.

Partner Forward Fold

  • You can start in wide-legged positing, facing each other and bring your soles are having together.
  • Both of you should extend arms into each other, holding the partner’s palms to the forearm.
  • You can take a breath and lengthen to the spine.
  • Then exhale, when your partner folding forward from hips and sitting back, then you should keep your arm and spine straight.
  • Wait for around five to seven of breaths.

Two Person Yoga Poses

Buddy Boat Pose

  • You can make your most comfortable seating position by knees bent and toes were touching each other.
  • Then you are able to walk feet together and start to draw your knees to the chest.
  • You should keep your spine stay straight and chest open, start to straighten your feet. This pose can be so challenging.
  • You can hold this pose around five to seven of breaths.

Temple Pose

This pose is suit for beginners who try to strengthen your relationship.

  • You can start by facing each other in standing position
  • Then you can steep feet under the hips, take a breath and lift your arm then start to close forward the hips until meet your partners.

You can start to forward fold slowly; bring your elbows, hands, and forearms so you can rest each other

  • Both of you should rest weight and release your belly and chest to the floor
  • You can hold this pose around five to seven of breaths.

These two personyoga poses can make your exercise fun and closer each other.

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