Know These Yoga Pose Names and Be Healthier

Yoga Pose Names – When you start practicing Yoga, as you go further, you will start learning various Yoga pose names. Very soon, you’ll suddenly be aware that Sanskrit has become your secondary language. Indeed, almost all yoga poses have their Sanskrit names; however, what is important is not how well you memorize the Sanskrit names of all poses or Asanas, but how carefully you pick the poses that are the right for you based on your skill, liking and needs. Here we will show you some yoga pose names that help you become a healthier individual.

Yoga Pose Names

Yoga Pose Names to Cure Dangerous Diseases

If you want to stay away from life-threatening condition using yoga, you should be more familiar with some yoga pose names that are known for their curative effect. Certain poses, such as uttana padasana (sitting with legs straight on floor, back bent and hands stretched forward) and shavasana (corpse pose), are known to be effective for preventing cardiovascular diseases. There are also poses that are helpful for treating multiple diseases, such as halasana (shoulderstand with toes touching floor), which are beneficial for diabetic and asthmatic people. If you suffer from a certain diseases, performing certain yoga poses may help alleviate your suffering.

Yoga Pose Names to Boost Your Energy

Certain yoga pose names are known for their energizing effect. If you want to be physically and mentally fresh all the time, to avoid fatigue and stress when you have to do rigorous and tormenting tasks, you can perform a series of yoga poses called vinyasa. Vinyasa connects different yoga poses in a graceful and smooth way to allow all of your limbs trained, to help you control your breath, and to achieve physical and mental refreshment without exerting too much power and straining your muscles. You will feel refreshed and more energized after you practice vinyasa.

Yoga Pose Names

Improve Your Beauty with Yoga

A healthy person should appear attractive. With yoga, it is not difficult to appear attractive. Familiarize yourself with yoga pose names that improve your beauty and you will not only everlastingly healthy, but also attractive and shining. Shoulder stand (sharvangasana), for instance, is good for improving facial beauty because when you stand on your shoulder with your feet stretched upward, your circulation will improve and blood will flood your head area, including your face. Your face will shine and the improved circulation will help remove your wrinkles. wikipedia