Why do We Need to Do Yoga Poses for 2 People?

Yoga Poses For 2 People – As we have known before that yoga is a kind of individual sport in which the people need to do some movements without any distractions. Nowadays, there is a kind of yoga which is done in partner. They do the movements with the friends, partners, and any other people. It needs a lot of cooperation to do this couple yoga poses. Then, what is the aim of that yoga in partner? And then, what kind of yoga poses for 2 people that we can try?

Yoga Poses For 2 People

Aims of yoga poses for 2 people

There are some aims and benefits that people can get through doing yoga poses for two people. It can help to strengthen the muscle. This type of yoga will help to train the muscle to be stronger. Second, it can help to enforce the spine. It can help to solve the humpback. By doing this type of yoga poses, it can help to reduce the lumbago and make your body looks lighter. Third, it can be used to reduce the stress. People can get more relax and enjoy their mind while doing this kind of yoga poses. It can help to increase the partner to be more harmonist. Fourth, doing yoga poses for 2 people will help you to increase your immune system. The movement that you have done on that yoga poses will help to kick out the sweat and even the toxin from your body. Then your body immune system will increase and automatically it will prevent any viruses and bacterial to stay and spread inside your body.

Yoga Poses For 2 People

Movements of yoga poses for 2 people

1.             Fly pose

The base person need to lie back on the mat, then they need to put the heels over the hips. Then, the flyer need to face the base with the toes. Then, the base feet should be placed on the flyer’s hipbones and they can grip the hand together.

2.             Plank variation

It can be the most challenging yoga poses for 2 people. Those two people will do the similar pose. For the base people, they need to stretch the body and keep the feet straight. Then, they can do the position like the push up position in which the palm get in touch on the floor. Then, the flyer people will do the same position but above the base people’s body. The flyer people need to hold their partner’s ankle and face to the base. Then put the toes on the partner’s shoulder.

3.             Throne pose

It is the interesting yoga poses for 2 people. The flyer people look like sit down like the throne. The base people only need to lie down and fold the feet upside. Then, the flyer people will sit on the base’s toes and they will fold the hand and bend the feet. It can be used to keep the brave, people who do this kind of yoga poses should believe to their partner. They need to have a suggestion that their partner can keep their safe and will not cause any problem for their body. wikipedia.org

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