Best of Yoga Poses For Constipation in Smooth Moves

Yoga Poses For Constipation – Of course, no one likes to talk about it, but having constipation can make you really uncomfortable. Your stomach fells like strained, distended, full and bloated as well. When you are going to the bathroom, you might feel that you never clean up your stomach completely. In medical side, constipation was classified when you have less than three stools in one week and having hard stools will make you really uncomfortable and difficult in your bowel movement. You might consider getting over-the-counter medicine as the easiest way, without treat your problem first. However, do you know that there are several exercises that can relieve your constipation? You can try yoga poses for constipation that can relieve this problem.

Yoga Poses For Constipation

Best position of Yoga poses for constipation

Downward of Facing Dog Pose

This position is yoga pose that a great way for your constipation issue because it will stretch out all of your body and release your tension as well. This pose also helps you to relieve any building up inside your digestive channel, make this thing moving and you can stop your constipation. You should fold down your stomach to the ground; you should straighten your legs and start to push your palms. Ensure that you have V position in upside down and keep your hips part away while you’re having bit wider in the shoulder length. Then you can bend your knees slightly during 10 of deep breaths.

Seated Twist Pose

If you are in this pose, then you can twist your body to stimulate the digestive channel, even it also helps you to get spur detoxification as well. This position is one of simple pose that you can try, especially for beginner. You only need to seat with your legs were stretched out in the front. Then you can start to bend your left leg and rest the left foot getting closer with your bottom. When you are twisting, you should put your right elbow in the left knee then you can looks toward your left shoulder. You can twist smoothly and stretching your body. You can hold this pose with deeper breath and repeat it in other side as well.

The Wind Relieving Pose

If you want to get Yoga poses for constipation, this pose should be as base in your routine. This pose can be called as fitting because the position is ideal to reduce gas and deflating your bloated as well. it also stimulated your colon, stomach and small intestine which is also means that it can help your entire digestion. You can lie flat with both of your legs are straight out in front. Then you can bring your right knee into your chest slowly with both of your arms in 20 breaths. Then you can stretch it back and repeat in other side.

Those Yoga poses for constipation above can relieve your digestive problem because yoga can helps you to manage your stress response, which also improving your digestion system in a good way. By twisting, forward folding and inversions were so useful for your digestive system as well.