14 Essential 1 Person Yoga Poses For Beginners And The Benefits

We assume that you are a newcomer when it comes to Yoga. If so, it is essentials to know first about the important 1 person yoga poses. Indeed, there are some postures you must learn so you can feel comfortable when you are attending Yoga class or practicing the lessons at home. In fact, there are about more than 300 positions of yoga poses or Asana practice. But, we narrow everything to make the list of this 1 person yoga poses so you can start these Yoga poses for 1 in the right way. This Yogaposes for one personare great for beginners if you do each of these five to ten breaths. We recommend you to do these poses every day.

Here are our choices for the ten essential yoga poses for beginners. Please note that do not force your body to do these poses. It is all about listening to your body and then modify if you need it.

1. Mountain Pose

This is the base and it is all the standing poses in Yoga. It is not as simple as standing. To do so, you should stand with your feet, together. After that, press down all ten toes as you spread them. This 1 person yoga posesmakes you engage the quadriceps and lift your kneecaps and up to the inner thighs.

2. Downward Facing Dog

This is one of the most popular 1 person yoga poses. Doing this pose means you stretch and strengthen your entire body. Believe it or not that doing this pose can keep the doctor away.

3. Plank

This Yoga poses for 1is all about how to balance on your hands and how to use the entire body as the support. It is the best way to strengthen the abdominals. It is all about using the breath to stay in this pose.

4. Triangle

This is the perfect standing1 person yoga poses. It is about stretching the sides of the waist. In this pose, your body can open up the lungs, strengthen the legs as well. If you find difficulty to try this pose, you can imagine that you are stuck between the two narrow walls.

5. Tree

For this one, it is an awesome standing that you can do when it comes to Yoga poses for 1. In this position, it is all about challenging your body to do standing balance. As beginners, you should learn how to focus and clarity. In addition, it is all about how to breathe while standing and how to keep your body balanced with a single foot to support your body.

To do this pose easier, you can start by using your feet together and then place the right foot on the inner left upper thigh. It is also good to find something in front of you and then hold it in the steady gaze before you are ready with one foot.

6. Warrior 1

This pose is so important. It helps your body to build strength and stamina to do this practice. It is also about how to get confidence. You need to stretch your hip and thighs while focusing on how to build the strength in the core and the lower body.

Doing this position also means that you are stretching the front body while strengthening the hips, legs, core, buttocks, and upper body. Once you have done the position, keep in mind to do the same on the opposite leg.

7. Warrior 2

It is the external hip opener. It is all about opening up the groin and the inner thighs. For beginners, this is one of the essential 1 person yoga posesto go with the starting point in many side postures like the extended angle, triangle, and half moon balance. Do with your right leg first, and repeat on the left leg.

8. Seated Forward Bend

Incorporating this one of 1 person yoga posesis important. In Yoga practice, this position allows you to stretch the hamstrings, lower, upper back and also sides. The position is a perfect fold for beginners to start opening up the body and learning to breathe in an uncomfortable position.

When you do this, there are two possibilities happen. First, you should back off if you feel a sharp pain. Second, if you can feel the tension when you fold your body forward, continue to breathe. The latter point means that your body will start to loosen up slowly and let go.

9. Bridge Pose

For this 1 person, yoga poses, we can say it is a back bend or a counter poses. This is a good position for beginners to back bend and to stretch the front body and to strengthen the back body.

The benefits of this pose are to energizing and to rejuvenating.

10. Child’s Pose

The last pose we suggest you learn when it comes to Yoga poses for one person. This is a nice resting pose and it is an awesome position that beginners and Yoga practitioners in all levels should do.

If you are fatigued in a pose like Down Dog, you can do this pose. It also works if you have any tension or stress and you need a mental break. It is also great to do this pose before going to your bed at night or to work out the deadlines.

Other Good 1 person yoga poses For beginners To Know

11. Corpse Pose – A pose of total relaxation. It is one of the most challenging poses.

12. Cow Pose – This one is the gentle and easy way to warm up your spine.

13. Side Plank Pose – This pose supports you maintain the strength and the stability, especially in the lower body. It offers a key benefit for women since they tend to lose the upper body strength based on age.

14. Inversions Pose – It is against the gravity, shifting the blood and the lymphatic fluids right from your legs to the hips toward the heart and your head. It is the natural way to relieve neck and back tension.

Those are all about 1 person yoga posesyou should know if you are beginners in Yoga practice.