Being a Good Partner for Yoga Poses for Three People

Yoga poses for three people becomes the transformation and shape in both of yoga practice and meaning of this practice which had been defined as a union. This is also a great way that you can try in order to develop your skill and build trust each other as well as you create a great moment together. As we know that badminton, ping pong and tennis are all sports which come to our minds when they can be done with your partner. Why you do not add that thing in Yoga? Many people think that yoga is solo activity, however doing Yoga with one or more partners become popular and there are many benefits that you can get.

Yoga Poses For Three People

How you can be a good partner in yoga poses for three people?

Always knowing yourself

The important requirement when you have yoga poses for three people or other partner yoga, you should feel comfortable first. If you are not comfortable, you can ask your teacher, is there any other option for those who do not comfortable in partnering. If you are really felt uncomfortable in any reason, you should not participate. It’s OK.

Try to use your common sense

You should note that you are the one who responsible for your own safety and you are touching the fellow partners. So, you should use your won judgment in order to get what is right for you as well. If you do partnering, this is better do not get partner who has someone twice in your size that you cannot support well. If you know that your partner does not proficient in a pose that you done, you can alert your teacher.

Speak up

If you are unsure about what you had been asked for or what you feel when you are in a pose, then you should tell your teacher. You are also able to ask your partners about how they feel in that pose, and tell something when you feel there is something wrong with this pose.

Always pay attention

Ensure that you can see and hear what your teacher said and you understand what you should do.

Yoga Poses For Three People

What are benefits of yoga poses for three people?

Build a trust

Of course, you should trustfully your partners when you are in a pose when you really rely on your partner from falling over. In the beginning, it might difficult but this is a way to let of your independent sense by learning to rely in your partners.

Strengthen the bonding

Most of us might always on the go and do not have enough time to say hi or goodbye. So, by do partnering this is also one of valid reasons to strengthen the bond as well. Join a class with partners is a clear way to get some of bounding times as well.

Deeper your relationship

Partner Yoga will provide intimacy relationship, even in yoga poses for three people as well. You will unite in emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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