Yoga Poses for Two Persons and the Benefits

It is widely known that yoga has many benefits for people. The number of people doing it is also increasing. Not only for adults, there is also yoga for kids now. You can do yoga poses alone without companion to get more peace and quiet atmosphere. But to make your yoga activity becomes more interesting, you can also do yoga poses for two persons.

Yoga poses for two persons come with various styles and multiple benefits. They are quite simple and easy to do. Here are some yoga poses you can try with your partners.

Easy Yoga Poses for Two Persons

There are many yoga poses for two persons you can try. They can bring you get closer together with your partner. The following are 5 easy yoga poses you can do with your couple.

  1. Partner Breathing

The first yoga pose for two persons you should try is the partner breathing. This yoga pose requires you to do “breath alternate” with your couple. It means, when you inhale your partner will exhale at the same time.

  1. Partner Twist

This is the best yoga pose for self – detoxification. It helps you to clean the poisons that may exist in your body.

  1. Temple Pose

Yoga temple pose is best to build intimacy with your partner. It is useful for the health of your heart since it helps you to open your chest and shoulders.

  1. The Twin Trees Pose

The twin trees pose helps you to improve your focus. To successfully do this yoga pose you have to be able to balance your position with your partner.

Doing Yoga Poses for Two Persons’ Benefits

Doing yoga poses with your partner can give you many benefits. Just find more about them in this article.

  1. Improve Physical and Emotional Relationship with Your Partner

No matter what yoga pose you do with your partner, it requires both of you to fully be engaged. To do it successfully, you have to rely on each other. Both of you need to believe in each other to maintain balance and support each other poses. It makes you physically close to your partner. Not only that, the yoga poses you do will strengthen your emotional relationship with your beloved one.

  1. Create Shared Special Moments Together

Yoga poses for two will give chance to create shared moments with your partners. It is because doing yoga poses for two people focuses on creating high intention between both of you. It is all about giving and receiving.

  1. Playground for Intimacy

There are many ways you can do to build intimacy with your partner and one of them is by doing yoga together. It is because the yoga poses require you to work together with your partner. This is how yoga helps you to build intimacy.

  1. Experiencing Power of Touch

Yoga poses for two persons involve a lot of touches between you and your partner. The touch you get from your partner can enhance awareness of each other. It will enable you to reach the depth in your mind and body.

Yoga Poses For 2 Person

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