Yoga Poses with Partners

Yoga Poses with Partners – Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises nowadays. People love doing yoga because it doesn’t effect on physical aspect, but also in mental and psychological aspects. So you can be healthy both physically and mentally. In Yoga, there are many poses that designed to build strength and flexibility. Each pose has its characteristic, function, and complexity. Commonly, Yoga is done individually to be help you focus in yourself. However, by the development, many people also do yoga with partners. It means that you and your partner synchronize body and soul in every movement and yoga pose. There are many yoga poses with partners that developed to help you and your partner to do the yoga together.

Yoga Poses with Partners

Benefit of doing Yoga Poses with Partners

Basically, in doing yoga poses with partners or by yourself, you will get the same benefit in term of physical and mental health. However, there are other benefits that you can get from yoga poses with partners. Mainly, for doing yoga with partners, you will choose partner that has specific relationship such as family, best friend, or special relationship such as love. When you do yoga with partner, you can build more intimate relationship in term of physical and emotional aspect. In doing yoga with partners will also allow you to build trust to your partners. Some couple yoga poses will be quite complicated and require teamwork. If you don’t trust your partner, the poses will not work well and may lead injury for you and your partner.

Yoga Poses with Partners

Some Yoga Poses with Partners

There are some yoga poses that you can try with your partners. Ensure that you have found your partner to do the yoga poses.

1.             Tree Poses

This is a very simple yoga pose that can be done with your partner. In this yoga pose, you and your partner will strengthen the leg as well as the body balance. Actually, this pose can be done individually. However, for the purpose of doing yoga with partner, this pose can be developed for two person. In tree pose, you and your partner will stand with one leg. The other leg will be raised and folded against the opposite tight. After that you should warp one of your arms around your partner’s waist. And then, bring another one in front of you and your partner with the palm touching each other.

2.             Partner twist

Partner twist is also yoga poses that can be done easily with your partner. Actually, this yoga pose also

This yoga pose requires you and your partner to sit down with leg crossed and back touching each other. After that you need to twist you body and place one hand on your partner knees, while placing another hand in the tight that in the tight that opposite against your touched partner’s knee. Your partner also should do these procedures exactly same and in the same time.

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