Try Partner Yoga: Yoga Poses Two Person with Your Bestie

Yoga Poses Two Person – As the definition of Yoga is become unite, this is means that you were uniting your spirit, mind and body, however you are also able to use Yoga practice to unite with your partner, best friend or totally stranger as well. As we know that Yoga partner is rising up rapidly for good reasons as well. Yoga poses two person will stronger your relationship, and it makes more fun to get greater poses because you have someone to make it deeper. Then, you can grab your friend or partner to join with this Yoga Poses and get many benefits as well. However there are two terms that you should know when try partner yoga. Basis is a person in the bottom and responsible for your support. So, basis should be stronger than the flyer. This is not mean that the base should have weight more than the flyer, strength is the most important. Flyer is someone on the top and should be proficient enough to make poses easier as well.

Yoga Poses Two Person

Here fun and playful Yoga poses two person

Double Plank Pose

This is a good pose to start with. Although this pose need much core strength, very low to the ground and with a right technique you will make this pose easier than you never imagine. You can try with stronger of pair in the plank at the bottom position. Then the legs were straight, palms were under shoulder and the core should be engaged. Then the flyer should be facing the feet from the base, stepping across toward the base’s hip and place the palms tightly in the base ankles. Ensure that the core is strong and engaged; reach the base shoulders as well. You can hold this pose about three to five breaths before you stepping down slowly.

Double Table Pose

This pose is quite simple and accessible, however, this pose is also powerful to be practiced. The base should be in table position and be facing the ceiling with their hips and hands shoulders were apart. Then lift up the hips as high as you could, so your hips, keens, head and back stayed in single line. The flyer will step across the base’s body, facing the knees of base. The flyer need to put one hand in the shoulders of base, engaged the core and step one foot toward lover thighs of base. You can hold this Yoga poses two person in three to five breaths.

Double Boat Pose

This is a best pose to strengthen your core and increase your balance as well. You can start to seat by facing each other with knees bent. Both of you should touch each soles together, put your hands in the back to balance and start to lift up the legs toward ceiling. Engaged the core and lengthen your spine, then you can hold this pose in three to five breaths then release.

Those Yoga poses two person above can be great way to get more playful Yoga exercise and strengthen your relationship as well.