Want Something More in Yoga Practice? Try these Yoga Poses with Friends

Yoga Poses With Friends – There are many benefits you can get through Yoga practice, from improving flexibility to stress and anxiety relief, this is not secret anymore that Yoga is really good for you. While you try elongating your hamstrings with the standing forward folding is one of great thing, you should know that doing it with your friend can help you getting standing higher and deeper. Many chances were you will have a lot of fun as well. So, if you want something more from your Yoga practice while you are also able to spend you best quality time with your beloved friends, then you should try these yoga poses with friends that can make your relationship stronger.

Yoga Poses With Friends

Here several Yoga poses with friends:

Partner Boat Pose

You are able to bring your feet toward your friend’s hand, you can get her hands, then you stretch out your legs. You are able to lean back around 5 of breath. This thing will not your core, however you can get great hamstring stretch out from this deal. It’s so fun to try with your beloved friend.

L-Shaped Handstand Pose

This one will help you feeling more comfortable to go upside down while your friend getting deeper to the downward dog. So, one person will lend their palms on the ground, folding their toes and hiking their hips while in downward dog position. Her partner will folding forward, rest their palms to the ground then walking up toward partner’s back. You should ensure that their shoulders were stacking over their wrists as well. You can hold this pose around 5 breaths.

Partner Backbend Pose

When having partner yoga, you might think that you will practice full wheels and bow poses, however you can this simple pose with your friend, especially when both of you are beginner. In this pose, a person flat toward her stomach while your friend grabs her hands, you need to lean your back and looks up as well. A person who flat on the ground can open her back and shoulder opener, of course your friend need stand up with backbend position as well. You an get this pose around three breath, when you are feeling comfortable with this pose, then you can hold it around five breath.

Having Double Forward Folding Pose

This is great hamstring stretch that you can try with your friend. This pose will help to strecth out your calves and hammies in the bigger way. Both of you can start facing back to back, then folding forward and grab your friend’s arm. You can get this pose around 5 breaths. This is one of simple poses for yoga poses with friends that you can try

Those yoga poses with friends can make your Yoga practice more fun and improving your relationship with your friends. Most of poses were suit for you, especially if you are beginner. There are other poses that you can get through many sources, such as temple pose. wikipedia.org